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November 17, 2011

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AFTER MONTANA will continue in between other projects and will remain free for all to read!

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This series started in 2011 and was the beginning of my adventure into the world of writing fiction. Inspired by a TV show that spawned thousands of fan fiction tales, I decided to go for it. I’m glad I did. These novellas are written  simply because I thoroughly enjoy the creative process.

(Full After Montana ‘cast list’ – here )

Please read the disclaimers on each story before you begin.

I will update this post every time a new installment is released.

Thanks for looking 🙂

*  *  *

—– SEASON 1  —–

After The Storm

When Special Agent CJ Carson took a long overdue vacation into the Rocky Mountains, she never anticipated finding Kate Marshall, a strong, determined actress, in the middle of a snow storm. Lives thrown together in the strangest of ways, they fell in love. But CJ’s worst nightmare just won’t go away.

* * *

After The Honeymoon

Special Agent CJ Carson and Hollywood actress Kate Marshall are back. After their wedding, everyday life takes over once again, and they find themselves a little more involved in an FBI case than they’d like to be. And just how far back does it go?

* * *

After Vermont

Life goes on for CJ and Kate as they continue on a blissful wedded journey. Work is busy for both actress and federal agent. They are happy and together, supporting one another on the everyday path of business and pleasure. But life’s path always has a bump or two, doesn’t it?

* * *


CJ and Kate’s lives are busy as they approach the holiday season, each of them hoping for some time off. As CJ deals with one of the worst cases of her career, Kate proves that she is strong in more ways than one. Learning life’s lessons can be tough as the darkness threatens to take hold, but can Kate hold it all together?

* * *

After So Long

Our dynamic duo are better than ever. Good relationship, good jobs, good friends, good times. Not everyone is so lucky, and when a fourteen-year-long case comes across CJ’s desk involving someone she loves, she decides that a little friendly meddling is in order and enlists her wife to help.

* * *

After The Damage Was Done

When another piece of the set collapses at the Olympian studios, the police begin an investigation, and CJ Carson’s life is turned upside down. Will Kate’s resilience and strength help them both make it through one of the worst weeks of their lives? Can CJ deal with her fear and her anger? Will the adoption run smoothly after the damage is done?

* * *

After The Last Time

Life is moving along for the newly enlarged Carson family. Adjusting to one another is a learning process for everyone, and so very worth the effort. But when a dangerous convict who was captured by the Specialist Serial Homicide Unit escapes custody, CJ takes some slightly drastic measures to protect her loved ones.

 * * *

After A Carson Family Christmas (short episode)

If you had asked CJ Carson five years ago what her perfect big family Christmas would be like, she would never have been able to imagine an answer. But now here it is…with a few laughs thrown in.

 * * *

After They’re Gone 

Please read the warning! *

Work, work, work. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. CJ is trying to keep her head above water, and Kate is drowning in all kinds of stress. Both of them are still trying to cope on their own as the strain takes its toll. Is it time to re-evaluate life? Something’s got to give.

* * *

After Jack

As Kate Carson’s third wedding anniversary comes around, she is thinking about life, counting her blessings, and living in the moment. Jack Bannerman is thinking about drinking, counting his hangovers, and living in an alcohol-induced fog. When they both return to work and end up caught in the crossfire, will Jack be a hero or a coward?

* * *

After A Day At School (mini episode)

What happens during a normal evening in the Carson household? Wait. What’s a normal evening?

* * *

After The Sunset  (Part 1)

Special Agent CJ Carson chases down criminals. It’s what she does for a living. After an important case is concluded in Minnesota, she begins her return trip to the FBI’s Los Angeles field office. Kate is at home, excited about her wife’s return and about the prospect of a new acting job, when she receives the type of visit from Assistant Director Mark Mulroney that she never, ever wanted to get.

* * *

—- SEASON 2 —-

In A Heartbeat   (After The Sunset – Part 2 )

Every second we live is a gift. When your world turns upside down and you struggle to see meaning in the most heartbreaking of moments, it’s tough to keep going. In Kate Carson’s life, she’s had many of these moments, but as time moves on to approach another soul-wrenching precipice , she experiences a mere second…a single heartbeat…where she realizes with absolute certainty that living will never be the same again.

* * *

In Your Arms (After The Sunset – Part 3)

The Carsons may be back together after their most devastating enforced separation to date, but they can’t relax just yet. As always, there’s trouble lurking around every corner in their ever-eventful lives. Someone is out to hurt them, but this time they’re looking in all the wrong places until CJ and Kate start to think the unthinkable…

* * *

Introspection (short episode)

 How do we reflect and come to terms with loss in our lives, and try to forgive those who inflict damage to our fragile spirits? What goes on in the heart and mind of each connected person after a dramatic and profound period of stress? Take a peek. You might be surprised.

* * *

In The Past

The Carsons are moving on with their lives as the Emerson trial comes to a conclusion. Kate’s new show is starting soon, and CJ is back at work on desk duty. Their endless love is challenged when CJ’s old flame at the FBI office sharpens her claws, and a beautiful new actress at Olympian studios  is determined to befriend Kate.

* * *

Into The Eyes Of A Killer (FBI episode)

The Tick-Tock killer leaves his riddles on each victim. His crimes begin to escalate further after he kills the first homicide detective assigned to the case and brutally attacks the federal agent who takes over, leaving her in a coma. The SSHU are tasked with ending his murdering spree, and the file lands on the desk of CJ Carson. Can she profile the killer and catch him before he catches her?

* * *



CJ is on vacation, and all she wants is to relax at home with her family, but when Kamali sniffs out a tracking device on Kate’s car, the Carsons embark upon an interesting and unauthorized investigation all of their own.


Full Circle – A post-FIN Xena and Gabrielle story

Poetry/Lyrics – The Quill Is Mightier

©2017 StageFreak Productions



  1. I do like the girls! Looking forward to the next installment…thank you for sending me this link
    to CJ and Kate! Also gives me an opporitunity to support my now favorite writer.


    • Thank you, Kathy. Your support is most welcome 🙂

  2. It was a very pleasant surprise to find out Aftermath was ready! I started reading it at work, then got interrupted…so I just finished it. Aftermath was a very well written piece. As always, the story
    held my attention, the intimacy and sex were…well let’s just say I need a CJ or Kate…soon! The
    relationship between them makes them seem real to me. You are a great story teller and I am a
    grateful fan! Thank you again for the girls…I eagerly await the next episode. Thank you friend! 🙂

  3. Thank you Kathy. I wouldn’t mind a CJ or Kate of my own 😉 And considering CJ is written very much from personal experience, I’ll have to find me a Kate!!
    As always, thanks for your support xo

  4. Omg you have RUINED me for any other Uber fan fiction lol. I LOVE your stories! Please write more!!

    • Haha! Glad you liked them. More on the way… when life slows down a bit 🙂

  5. I hope it doesn’t take much longer to the new one comes out. Love the series.

    • Doing my best to move episode 8 along but life is rather busy at the moment.
      Glad you enjoyed the series so far! 🙂

  6. Oh darling… you’re killing me with the ‘in production’ over here.

    • Next installment is coming along but is still very much in the ‘production’ stage. After Montana now has a Facebook page and there are some little updates on there to let readers know how it’s progressing (facebook.com/after.montana) 😉


    • Yes… soon 🙂

  8. Love Love these characters and their story. Thanks so much for creating them.

    • Thank you for reading them!! ;D

  9. Great characters and engaging storylines. Fabulous love scenes. Uber heaven.

    • Thank you, ML 🙂 Glad you enjoyed them!

  10. Thank you for continuing this series…I always look forward to the next installment. You have a very lyric quality to your writing and I enjoy your descriptions of the people and how they live (and love) their daily lives. I hope you will continue for a long time.

    Cheers, Kathleen Doyle

    • Thank you, Kathleen. No plans to stop just yet 🙂

  11. waiting ever so impatiently 😉

    • *chuckle* I’m writing… I swear 😉

  12. Just read ‘After..’ part 1….it was great great…when can we expect part 2?

    • In A Heartbeat is in the final writing stages… I hope to have it out before the New Year but don;t quote me on that 😉
      So glad you enjoyed the finale!

  13. Love the series can not wait for the next one. Please say something is going to happen to her mother, she is a B**** in all caps. Also like the fact that the stories can be saved to read on readers which allows me to reread them to c what I missed during the first read. I am on the go a lot so Thanks.

    • Glad you are a CJ and Kate fan!
      I’m afraid I can’t say anything… no spoilers allowed… 😉

  14. Really looking forward to the new episode!

    • I’m working on it 😉

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